As the accounting and fiscal system progresses, a number of legal amendments are introduced, requiring the preservation of a balance of daily efficiency and professionalism.

   Audit Firm Bakashvili & Co Ltd is a Georgian company is well aware of the specifics of the local reality and culture. With its about 20-year experience in business, the company is one of the pioneers on the Georgian audit market. Audit Firm Bakashvili & Co Ltd was founded on 18 August 1995 in Tbilisi. The main area of business of the company is to audit the business, accounting, taxation and financial-economic activities of Georgian and foreign businesses, individuals and legal entities, and provide them with consultations on fiscal issues. Audit Firm Bakashvili & Co Ltd is registered in the commercial register on 12 September 1995 (registration N5a/4-101).




   As a taxpayer, Audit Firm Bakashvili & Co Ltd is registered with Vake-Saburtalo Tax Inspection of Tbilisi and assigned with identification №211346922. Audit Firm Bakashvili & Co Ltd is a value-added tax payer, holding VAT Certificate №079060.


We are responsible for accurate and reliable presentation of identified business transactions and events of the fiscal period in your financial statements.

You are responsible for your business transactions and acts affecting your financial standing.